Educational Challenges - Description


Write a description that tells a story of a real or hypothetical educational challenge or problem scenario. You can research and describe a real learning/training challenge facing a school or organization, or you can make one up of your own. Describe the learners, the learning needs, the ecosystem, infrastructure and resource factors that influence implementation, and any existing learning program (if applicable).

The description should address these criterias:

Children in the class working with books

  • Learning topics
  • Learning objectives
  • Students/trainees/audience
  • Environmental context/learning conditions
  • Implementation factors
  • Is there an existing or proposed learning program


Part of this assignment was an review process. Students are the reviewers, the challenges to be reviewed are assigned randomly. The peer evaluation should adress the above given criterias plus:


  • Things that I liked the most
  • Things that could be improved
  • Things that I don’t understand
  • New ideas to consider


On the sub-pages I would like to share some of the challenges I wrote reviews about.Please be patient, that will need some time.
Photo credit: pmorgan

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