Periodic Table of Elements

For one of my projects, i need a periodic table of elements. I’ve found this really great interactive one:

Für eines der aktuellen Projekte benötige ich eine Periodentafel der Elemente. Gefunden habe ich diese tolle, interaktive Anwendung:

Better than the Periodic Table of Videos || Besser als die Periodentafel der Videos

Google+ || Advanced Circle Management

Google should buy this great extension. :)

Mohamed Mansour originally shared this post:

Circle Management for Google+ extension update coming soon!

Thanks to everyone who likes my little Google+ tweaks. I wanted to give more stuff back back to the community, to say thank you for your support. It motivates me to create hacks which are not yet possible with the Google+ API. Please share this to your friends, the more feedback I get before, the easier for me to analyse what features to rush out the door early.

As everyone already knows, circle management in Google+ is really lacking. It becomes really hard (almost impossible in my case) managing your circles if you have more than 100 followers (people you follow, and vice versa, people who follow you). This upcoming extension would be an interim solution until we find official support.

Why isn’t it possible?

Google+ didn’t release an API for Google+ Circles and Followers. The community asked, but it has been over a month and nothing new came yet. I have studied how Google+ operates from head to toe, and I created my own Google+ API from packet sniffing the data and smarty discover the data when it changes. The JavaScript Google+ API can manage (CRUD) your circles, fetch your followers (people who you follow, who follows you, and who to discover), and profile management.

Why is the current not good enough?

The card layout is very pretty, but it doesn’t tell us at a glance who the user is. We have to drag our mouse over their name and let the extremely beautiful hover card appear which tells us their occupation. If you wanted to know which location they are from, you have to click on their name, visit their profile, and then decide if they are interesting to you.

That becomes a really tedious task to organize your circles. Even still, if you are like me, I have over 150 circles, and it becomes difficult to even search or sort your circles quickly.

What have I done?

I am juggling too many projects these days, but this weekend I put 50% of my programming time creating this extension. Here is a sneak peak of of the current state of the extension. As you can see, you will quickly (I spent a good effort trying to do this) get your data, parse it, clean it, and store it in Chrome Database. Then you can do DB Queries to actually discover people.

For example:
- Who did I circle but they didn’t circle me back?
- Who are the Googlers circled me? Perhaps, and that I didn’t circle back?
- Who are the people from Ottawa, Canada that circled me?

Those are the stuff that you can do. As you can see, there is a lot of work left, and if you are a JavaScript Ninja, I mean Ninja, that is not afraid of JavaScript and would like to help, let me know.

And yes, I will definitely open source all this back to the community to see what others can do with the API that I created! Oh, and if I have time I plan to integrate it with my classification G+ app

Let me know what features you would like to see :)