Tools adressing Bloom’s Taxonomy

Individual Assignment #4 – Learning Classification Chart using Bloom’s Taxonomy

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Screenshot, Delicious

“Delicious is the place to collect and showcase your passions from across the web.”

Collect Bookmarks, categorize them with keywords. See how others rank these bookmarks. Add categorized bookmarks to your collection.

Adresses indentifying and retrieving



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Die Sendung mit der Maus

Screenshot Mausseite

“Die Rätsel des Alltags – gelöst in den Sachgeschichten”

The Program with the Mouse, a very famous german TV-show, not only for kids. Within the “Sachgeschichten” (Factual Stories) there are educational stories about how things work, how things are produced and even more. A huge collection of these shorts can be viewed at the mouse-page.

Adresses interpretingexemplifyingsummarizinginferingcompering and explaining

Wikipedia (engl.) , Website (german)


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Screenshot GeoGebra

“A geometry package providing for both graphical and algebraic input.”

GeoGebra is an free and plattform independent interactive geometry, algebra, and calculus application, for students and teachers.

Adresses executing and implementing



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Screenshot Zotero

“Zotero is a powerful, easy-to-use research tool that helps you gather, organize, and analyze sources and then share the results of your research.”

Collect research sources, organize them in free folder structures, add your own notes, tag them with keywords, share your research collection with others.

Adresses differentiatingorganizing and attributing



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Open Meetings

Screenshot Open Meetings

OpenMeetings is a free browser-based software that allows you to set up instantly a conference in the Web

Open Meetings is a very powerful Open Source webconferncing, document sharing collaboration tool. It is easy to integrate into Moodle-installations, as well as in WordPress (CMS/Blogsystem).

Adressing checking and critiquing



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Mahara (e-portfolio)

Screenshot Mahara

“Mahara is a stand-alone e-portfolio system that can be integrated into a wider virtual learning framework.”

Create valuable e-portfolios from sources all over the web, of any datatype. Add your own files, comment them, organize the e-portfolio in different sights and deliver it to your students or colleagues.

Adresses generatingplanning and producing


Designing a New Learning Environment
- Week 4 -

Today, i gonna share my second assignment with you. That’s what kept my busy within the last week. The original assignment Text:

Write a description that tells a story of a real or hypothetical educational challenge or problem scenario. You can research and describe a real learning/training challenge facing a school or organization, or you can make one up of your own. Describe the learners, the learning needs, the ecosystem, infrastructure and resource factors that influence implementation, and any existing learning program (if applicable).

Implementing “The Change” to a Business Academy

Headergraphic - Assignment#2

A real life project, anonymized

A company, supporting institution for major corporations in Germany, want to change the way, they carry out training, basic/advanced education and consulting.

Organigram of the Company

Organigram of the Company

Existing Learning environment

There are 25 trainers and 20 consultants, located all over Germany, supported by a internal organization. They are delivering over 1500 trainings, information- and consulting-events per year, mostly 2-5 days in hotels.

Map showing Germany and Trainers

Trainers and Consultants spread all over Germany

Example, visualizing the amount of travels needed

On the Road again, everyone is travelling

Training Topics (examples in brackets)

  • Technology (different fields/depth of knowledge)
    • Maintenance (Handling dangerous goods)
    • Engineering (basics of residual light amplifiers)
    • Technicians (Indentify and repair a fuel injector)
  • Sales (Better sales in difficult times)
  • Management (Communicating crisis)
  • Safety and accident protection (Handling dangerous goods)


Wordcloud, showing Students, Trainees, Audience

Students, Trainees, Audience

All are equipped with smartphones or similar, notebooks or desktop pcs, stable internet connections.

Existing Trainings

  • Face to Face events
  • Printed training documentations


Facing descending budgets, descreasing demand for the offered trainings and seminars, they are searching for alternative ways to reduce the immense financial efforts and time-consumption for travel, not even for the employees but also for their customers. Acquiring new audiences was not the last concern. The vision for a need to change education into something, fitting into 21st century learning environments is unclear.

Discovered obstacles

  1. Deminishing participants
  2. Unclear vision about the needed change towards a 21st century learning environment
  3. Inconsistent technical infrastructure at the company

 Internal problems


Wordcloud visualizing the Problems (Communication, Envy, Mistrust, Greed and more)

Internal Problems Discovered


Based on a existing project, started in 2010, there is still not everything done. In my opinion, there are some similarities with projects in poorly developed countries. In fact, for many of the problems, strategies and procedures as show in the “HCD Toolkit”, help us solving many problems.