The Next Generation “SCORM” || DAS “SCORM” der nächsten Generation

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Hochinteressant. Es ist, wie von +Rheinard Korf geschrieben, ein ambitioniertes Vorhaben. Nach einem ersten Blick in die Beschreibung der Tin Can API hoffe ich dringend, dass die Entwicklung dieses Standards schnell voran getrieben wird.

Vergleich der Funktionalität SCORM - Tin Can
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Rheinard Korf originally shared this post:

I just noticed that #SCORM (that ugly beast of an XML mishmash used to package learning content into sharable resources) has come up with an interesting idea to track a student’s informal learning happening around the web.

It sounds like quite an ambitious task and would certainly require a lot of people to adopt this #API, but if it works and you’d be able to get real time information about student’s #informal learning what an amazing tool this could be!

I’m certainly going to keep an eye on this one.

Tin Can API

Learning happens everywhere - track it with the Tin Can API. The Tin Can API is simple and flexible. It lifts many restrictions of older specifications.




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